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Two women went to the fake police station to report one woman’s husband as a missing person. Asked to describe the husband, the wife said, “He’s 5’11”, 150 pounds, thick dark hair, clean-cut, nice quiet personality, and the children miss him.” The other woman looked increasingly surprised and finally said, “But Fred was 5’6″, 200 pounds, bald, sloppy, loud, and grumpy, and the children are glad he’s gone.” The wife said, “Oh, yes, that’s Fred…but who wants him back?”

As a rule, I never watched inappropriate television shows or movies when I was babysitting. I waited until the children were asleep before I watched a show or movie with violence or foul language & even doing that I always ended up in my busted babysitters club. One night, I was watching a movie full of foul language. I didn’t realize that one of the children had woken up, and was hiding around the corner from the living room. I didn’t know he was there until he began repeating the F-word that he heard in the movie. He kept saying it over and over. I tried to reprogram him before his parents came home. Luckily, he forgot about it by the time he woke up in the morning, and I never heard anything about it.

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